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 2000 / 5 /2 Revision

 Shogi Dojo window

  •   Entry [button]: If you want to enter the Shogi Dojo, please push it once.
    •  UserID: A user's handle (nickname) and is only used by the user.
    •  Password (only Regular): If you are guest, a password is unnecessary.
    •  Strength (only Guest): Choose your strength. This information is required so you must pick an approximate playing level.
    •  Location (only Guest): Describe your location. This information is not
  •   GameRoom [button]: If you want to play Shogi, please push the GameRoom button. Then you can enter the following game rooms:
    •  Lounge: Here playing a game is not expected, only entry. After initial
      login or after the end of a game, this room will be occupied automatically. Watching a game is possible from here.
    •  Free game room: You can play an unrated game here.
    •  Rating game room: You can play a rated game here. A rating is calculated and the result is recorded in your game record. The kifu is also stored for a fixed time. (This room is only for registered users.)
    •  Masters game room: The room is reserved only for Masters games.
    •  Tournament game room: The room is reserved only for tournament games. For example, Ryuo-tournament, or Oza-tournament etc.
    •  Wait conditions: You can select waiting when you enter the room. The condition will be displayed on the Entry Users List.
      • normal waiting: "wait"
      • waiting resumed game: "resume" You are waiting for a resumed game that was disconnected.
      • waiting reserved game: "reserve" You are waiting for a reserved game.
      • hope long-timelimited: "wait:L" If you want to play the game with a long time limit, please select this condition.
      • hope short-timelimited: "wait:s" If you want to play the game of short timelimited, please select the condition.
  •   Challenge!! [button]: A button will be displayed if a waiting user (if their status is "wait") is selected on Entry Users List. If you want to play a game with the selected user, please push the button. You can only play users in the same room. When you challenge, please select the following time conditions:
    •  normal: You have 15 minutes with countdown 60 sec per move as the time-limit.
    •  short: You have 1 minute with countdown 30 sec per move as the time-limit.
    •  long: You have 30 minutes with countdown 60 sec per move as the time-limit.
  •   Watch [button]: A button will be displayed if a playing user (state is "PLAY" or "END") is selected on Entry Users List. If you want to watch the selected user's game, please push the button. A Shogi board is displayed with a view of the selected user's game.
  •   (Update Button) Entry Users [button]: If you want to know the current list of entry users, please push this button. You can refresh the list with this button.
  •   The 1st line of Entry Users List [table]: You can sort the Entry Users List. For example, if "rating" is pushed, a sorting display will be carried out at the order of rating.
  •   Entry Users [table]: The list of entry users is displayed.
    "R" means rating game room. "free" means free game room. "T" means room for tournament events. "M" or "B1e", "B1w", "C1e" mean the Masters game room. "i" means yourself. "y" means your opponent.
    The meaning of "state" is as follows.
    •  [ ---- ]: Lounge
    •  [ wait ]: Waiting for playing game
    •  [ PLAY ]: Playing game
    •  [ END ]: After playing game
  •   Exit [button]: If you want to exit the shogi dojo, please push this button and please close your browser.
  •   Option [Button]: various options are chosen.
    •  Show Users: You can select to display either all users, or only users in your room on the Entry Users List when you push the "(Update Button) Entry Users".
    •  Table Update: You can select whether or not automatic updating function of the table occurs.
    •  Audio: Here you can turn sounds on or off.
  •   (R)Auto-select [check]: If checked, only users near your rating (-400<R<+400) is automatically displayed on a list at intervals of 1 minute. It becomes effective only when you are in the rating game room.

 Shogi Board

  The following figure shows Shogi Board.


  •   Board and Piece :
    •  If you want to move a piece, please click the piece with your mouse and next click the destination square with your mouse.
    • If you want to cancel moving the selected piece, please click the piece again.
    •  When the piece can be promoted, please select either the upper or the lower option with your mouse. If you select the upper, the piece will be promoted.
    •  Uchi-Fu-tsume, Ji-shogi, and Sennichi-te rule judging are omitted by the server. Please discuss and settle the result by Chat after interrupting the game.
  •   Normal size [choice]: The size of the shogi board is changed. 
    •  Normal Size: It is the size of the shogi board suitable for most PC displays. The piece images are regulated for optimal display in this normal size.
    •  Largest Size: A maximum shogi board is displayed for 1024x768 window sizes.
    •  Smaller Size: Use this for displaying 2 shogi boards on a display.
    •  Smallest Size: To display a shogi board for window size 600x480.
  •   Book [button]: Only Japanese Kifu (game notation).
  •   Chat ex. [button]: A simple greeting message is displayed as an example
    of Chat. If this example is chosen and the transmission button pushed, the
    message will be sent to your opponent.
  •   Hello [button]: If your opponent is connected, O.K. will be displayed within 10 seconds.
  •   Draw [button]: In Sennichi-te or Ji-shogi, please push the draw button. Draw will be carried out, if your opponent agrees, since draw proposal goes to your opponent.
  •   move [field], GO [button], "| <" and "<" ">", ">|" [button]: These buttons become valid at the time of a comment game after play. If a number is written down in move field and GO button is pushed, the board will be displayed scene of the move number. Moreover, "|<" and "<" ">" and ">|" button means the following. Only the aspect of your shogi board is changed.
    • |< : return to the first position
    • < : go back one move
    • > : go forward one move
    • >| : go forward to the last position
  •   Conf. Move [check]: The sub-window which checks [whether your move is OK or there is an operation error] is displayed for every move.
  •   Enter [Key]: If a message is written to the bottom field of the Shogi Board and the Enter key is pushed, the message is sent to your opponent. All Chat messages are displayed on the text area on it.
    • You cannot chat while logged in as a Guest.
    • During play, Chat only operates between the players and spectators of the game.
    • After play, one can Chat with all members.
  •   Resign [Button]: If you want to resign, please push this button.
  •   Close [button]:Appears after giving up the game. Push it to close the
    shogi board.
  •   Suspend [button]: The game is suspended. Please only use it if you must interrupt the game. If it is a rated game, it can be resumed on another day as a suspended game. If you challenge the suspended player, the game will be resumed automatically.
  •   watchers [list]: The user name and the number for the spectators of this shogi game are displayed.